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Fónix Lab

Laboratório para exprimir (opiniões) admiração, indignação ou impaciência, em torno de temas atuais.

Fónix Lab

Laboratório para exprimir (opiniões) admiração, indignação ou impaciência, em torno de temas atuais.

The Lovers

Today you were stunning, Woman!


I reach the meeting point, the usual hotel, with a smile on my face... we haven't seen each other in 15 days. I miss  the touch of the skin, the warm kiss.

I see her and smile. I'm tired, I had just been with Madalena. Today she was blind with passion. I'm going to invite Maria for a drink at the hotel bar, so I take a deep breath in. Isn't that weird? But I need some time to compose myself.

He kisses me and, strangely, invites me over for a drink. I was surprised, but disguised it. I say yes, but thoughts take over me... what will he have to tell me?

I see her, I feel her apprehensive, what is going through her head? Possibly the fact that we have the time counted. I hug her tenderly and direct her to the bar.

Dear Reader, this is a story that is certainly familiar to you, as it describes the secret life of many Marias and many Carlos.

The taste of conquer has already led him to intimacy with many women. Maria was seduced by the moves, first timid, then spicy, of Carlos, who she met on Facebook. At home, both have their spouses and children waiting for them.

They do not want to endanger their home, their family, but the taste of conquer, the illusion created by the ephemeral pleasure of a few hours, in which they surrender without thinking about anything else, completely overwhelms them.

Why does this happen, dear reader?

Due to fading marriages, relationships that become hollow ... or is it because of a society that sells us "the lovers"? On dating sites, in luxury motels, willing to reproduce stereotypes, mimicking the love and futile life of celebrities.

Although we complain, we have never had so many material possessions, which we accumulate unnecessarily, tryingto fill in the blanks of our lives.

What is missing, dear reader?

Dissatisfaction leads us to seek... incessantly. That is why, many times, we focus on the other, because it spices up our lives. 

The seduction process was trivialized with the boom in mobile communications and the advent of virtual messaging. We write the things that we would never have the courage to say face to face. Flirting with sms, with emojis, exchanging photos... it's what we call sexting. It's the result of the impact of social networks.

You are certainly smiling, dear friend, because this is a practice that, think well, is not unfamiliar to you.

These secret lives, because of their danger, give meaning to life, due to the pleasure, the risk, the desire, in the incessant pursuit of what we lack, which is nothing! That's why they also take the meaning out of our lives.

Contradictory, yes, dear reader.

PS. Maria and Carlos went up to the hotel room. They both knew it was the last time. In the list, they already have other probable Lovers. Both knew it. The cycle has restarted.




by influenciadores | work in progress