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Fónix Lab

Laboratório para exprimir (opiniões) admiração, indignação ou impaciência, em torno de temas atuais.

Fónix Lab

Laboratório para exprimir (opiniões) admiração, indignação ou impaciência, em torno de temas atuais.

Tips to Survive the First Week of Classes

Practical Guide for Parents, Students, and Teachers



As we wandered through a large bookstore in our city, we came across the table of practical guides and found books for all needs: how to be happy, how to be unhappy, how to laugh, how to be healthy, how to be famous, how to put on weight, how to lose weight ... and we realized that there was no guide to the emergence of the moment: the first week of classes.

Damn it dear reader!

We ran to the nearest terrace to write our tips. 

Guide for parents. 

The kids want that backpack, that computer and a new smartphone.

Take a deep breath.

My wife is asking me all the time if I have dealt with the pass, the enrollment at the language centre and at the pool.

Take a deep breath.

My son's class is the worst in the school. The kid cries and says he doesn't want to go there.

Take a deep breath.

My boss has noticed that I arrive constantly late. I still can't organize myself with the kids' school schedule. 

Take a deep breath!

Guide for students.

I hate this class. 

I want a phone like John's.

I shouldn't have let my mom buy me this horrible bag in the hypermarket.

Will I have to put up with this teacher all year long? How boring!

The food in the school cafeteria is horrible! Now I have to go eat hamburgers and sweets. 

Dear student, don't make a fool of yourself. Life is fantastic. Study!

Guide for teachers

My schedule is terrible.

I have to teach at two different schools and I have a 15-minutes break to get there.

I am in charge of a class, responsible for a project, member of a committee and various work teams.

My students must hate me, because I will not let them do what they want.

My department colleagues look at me weirdly as I suggest some innovations to use in the classroom.

Dear teacher, smile. The world is in your hands. Teach your students to live, to be free and critical citizens. Everything else will come in addition. Be happy! Only this will make your students happy!

PS. All of these tips are free. In short, take a deep breath, relativize your problems, smile and live.




Note: Watch the video below if you want to know the neurological processes associated with stress.

How to stay calm when you know you'll be stressed | Daniel Levitin

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