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Fónix Lab

Laboratório para exprimir (opiniões) admiração, indignação ou impaciência, em torno de temas atuais.

Fónix Lab

Laboratório para exprimir (opiniões) admiração, indignação ou impaciência, em torno de temas atuais.

Kind People

An endangered species?



There are people and people.

It is true that we don't all have to be equal, but the sympathy of the other is good for us, encourages us, gives us hope.

It was Nélson, from the Oceans pastry, that leads us to talk about another human category: Kind People!

The usual reader may be intrigued by the tone of this chronicle, forgetting that in the Fonix Lab we discuss everything that, whether good or bad, surprises us.

And what does the Oceans pastry have to do with all this? - Will the friendly reader think.

The explanation is simple, the kindness, the smile and the education won us over.

It is not very usual nowadays to find someone who, without knowing us, treats us so well! As if each customer was unique.

This is Nelson, who has made us feel invited, day after day, at his commercial establishment, for being so kind.

What human category is this then?

Kind People are those who captivate us for their kindness, their correctness, their quality of service, their willingness to perform their duties with excellence, although with modesty.

In this category, we have been lucky enough to be able to integrate all kinds of professionals.

The doctor who in a first consultation solves, in an admirable and unexpected way, the problem that took us there, which avoids the need to seek for other services and professionals. Always with a smile and without worrying about time.

The finance officer who didn't just say how to do it, but got into the system and solved the problem right there.

The remarkable sympathy of the employees of a Citizen Shop who, within minutes, solved problems that had already led us to two other stores, where we had lost time and patience for nothing.

The Timberland housekeeper from a southern shopping center who kindly showed us, advised us, talked to us and smiled ... creating a moment, rare, and one that we will not forget, by the established atmosphere.

And about Nelson ... we have already mentioned him.

What do you think, dear reader? Shouldn't there be a way of notifying the Kind People?

Shouldn't stores, along with the "Complaint Book", be required to have the "Compliment Book"?

PS. We ended up leaving the Oceans pastry to go for a light meal, sure to be back for the morning coffee the next day.